• IMG00105201110181635_1Giggles Childcares Services run an After School Club in Lewisham for parents attending local schools. We currently operate from Athelney Primary School, Elfrida Primary School and The Grove Centre Sydenham. We can offer an after school club for your child if they attend any of the schools in Sydenham, Catford or Bellingham. To enquire about spaces please call us now on – 0208 852 4399.

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    Our qualified and highly experienced staff team collect your children from their classes at the end of the school day. Children are provided with a light snack from our healthy menu and are given the choice between free play or getting involved in one of our activities. The afternoon ends with children having a choice of group activities to be involved in, with every child encouraged to have fun.

    Our activities take into consideration your child’s interests, ability and development, this could include quiet drawing, writing or reading, numeracy challenges, sports, dance and movement and of course the computer consoles. We encourage all children to participate in the decision making at the club and ensure that the ethos of family and equal opportunities is shared and understood.

    We also have visits from successful people from the local community (firemen and women, business people, community workers etc) to share their stories on the part they play in the community.

    We want your child to feel that any of our clubs is like a home from home service. Every child we take care of is a part of the Giggles family.

    If your child attends the site at the Grove Centre (for Sydenham and Catford Schools) we offer a drop home service, so you can get home from work and wait for your child to arrive.

    Got more questions or still not convinced we are the right club for your child? How about giving us a call, we’d love to hear from you.

    If you’re ready to secure your place please complete the application form attached and send it back to gigglesnews@hotmail.co.uk.

    TO BOOK OR FIND OUT MORE INFORMATION PLEASE CALL 07949 662268 or 0208 852 4399

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